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    Question Unanswered: Calc values in a table

    I am creating a db and need to be able to calc values from 2 or more fields and display the totals in the database for example; Register sales - Pay outs = general deposit; I need to be able to enter totals in the Register sales and pay outs fields and display the totals in the General Deposits field. Also need to take the calc total and add or subtract from it, and display the totals in another field. How can I do this?

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    I would suggest putting the calcs in a query and displaying that to the user.
    Unless you would rather run update queries during certain times to populate the table...

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    Hi rd_dragon

    As jmayo suggested is correct. You have your tables to maintain all your relative non-changing data and do calculations in Queries/Forms/Reports.
    Here ya go:
    Fields ]b]REGISTER PAYOUTS[/b]

    In your form after you create a query with all associated fields place a TextBox to the end of the row with the above fields, and inside place this:

    This would be the box named something like GENERAL DEPOSIT the bottom of the form (preferrably under text box just created) and place this in it:


    Set this TextBox for Currency and you're done. The same goes for the Report as well.

    Need further help come back again and we'll go from there.


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