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    Unanswered: Can't get the form to show default values on each new record

    I have finally made a form, with a linked table, where I can now have multiple records.
    My form deals with currency, and I have set all the input text boxes default value to 0. After I fill in all the input boxes, and the form does all it calculations, I hit the save record button I created, and it will take me to the next form, bringing the values from the previous record with it. so I would have to delete all the old values on record number 2 that I have on record number 1. I have a primary key, and each record is set up for the date as the primary key. because each form will have a different date on it.

    Is there a way to bring over the default values, or refresh the values some how?
    And also, I have another question, I have a field called Register Totals. I was wondering how I could display a updated sum of the column of that field on the new record?

    Thank you

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    let me try to give an example of what I have
    I am using this form to help count the register at the end of the day.
    we would count the register like if there were 40 quarters in the drawer, we would input 40, and the form would calculate 10.00, and I would check the database table and 10.00 would be there. I have a text box for a label. and next to it, I have a input text box, then another input text box. The first input text box, I would put 40 in , and in the next input text box, I have in the control source for it =[Quarters]*.25 and it calculates to 10.00, the that table field is updated.
    So now I have 40 and 10.00 in my form, if I click save record, it moves everything to the new record.
    the first input box, has a default value of 0, which initially gives the table field a $0.00.
    How can I reset the first box, back to 0, when I go to a new record?

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