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    Angry Unanswered: issue regarding upgrading db2 from db2_7 todb2_8


    i am new to db2..we need to create an odbc datasource for microstrategy to access the remote server AIX 5.2 (db2 8 fk 4, 64 bit)..i tried to create an odbc ..but our dba has disabled the odbc connections to the server.he wants me to connect to server through my local db2 client machine(windows nt, db2 7 fp 5, 32 bit)..i am trying to download db2 version 8..but when i am trying to install to db2_8 ..i am getting warning like

    ur previous db2 versions will be deleted...

    i just want to know the way we have to deal in this condition..


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    You need to configure DB2 v8 database on your windows client. To access 64 bit db2 V8 instance you require DB2 v8 client or DB2 v7 64 bit client.

    In your case you have to install DB2 v8 client on windows. Also windows doens't allow to have two version of DB2 co-exist. Either one version can be exist. So when you will do DB2 v8 install on workstation your DB2 v7 will be deleted.


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