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    Unanswered: URGENT MSComm ports conflict

    I realize this is stricly not a database question but I know this forum has some aces in VB and I really need to have his problem fixed.

    Ok, now bear with me, this is might be a tad complex.

    I've got MDIChild forms that have a MSComm control.

    I connect two devices to them that transmit a certain text every .5 second.

    Whenever I try to run the program with two forms\port simultaniously they affect each other. As in stopping the flood of data. I think the problem might be because the MDIforms call for a procedure with the same name (which is MSComm_onComm event) it sounds plausable.

    Can anyone help me with that?


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    I don't think that MSComm is thread-safe. If that is the case, and you are getting lots of traffic on the serial port(s), then data loss is pretty likely.

    There are commercial serial comm libraries that give you many more options.


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