This is a test application that lets german users enter dates, the server being located in the USA.

Here is a simplified part of the code:
            Dim dTermin As DateTime
            Dim ci As New CultureInfo("de-DE", True)

            dTermin = DateTime.Parse(txtTermin.Text, ci, DateTimeStyles.NoCurrentDateDefault)

            sSQL = "INSERT INTO Termin (Termin) VALUES ("
            sSQL = sSQL & "#" & dTermin & "#)"

            objCommand = New OleDbCommand(sSQL, myConnection)

This is an example error message that I get when the user enters '12.03.2004':

Syntax error in date in query expression '#12.03.2004#'.

In the Access 2000 DB, there are two fields:

ID (Number, "Autonumber")
Termin (Date, "ShortDate")

Using Jet OLEDB 4.0 Provider.
What am I doing wrong?