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    Unanswered: Most Frequently occuring text in A field

    I'm working on a report and I have a question regarding text fields.

    I've got a one field ([Plant]), which simply has a list of plants.
    For each plant, I have several suppliers (in a field [supplier]).
    Is there a way to put in a report the supplier that occurs most frequently for each plant.

    For example, If SupplierA has 6 entries and SupplierB has 4, it lists supplier A.;

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    you could group plant and supplier in a query and count the number of occurrences. then get the maximum numbers for each plant.

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    What context are you using this in? Do you only want the report to have information for the top supplier? What do the grouping levels look like?

    It may be as simple as a "SELECT TOP 1 " query... maybe not...
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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