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    Question Unanswered: Fg Writes

    Hi, I'm getting a few Fg Writes in a day, what should I do to make them go away?

    a have 120000 buffers

    LRU min is 50 max is 60, the cleaners are set to 1 and lru's are 8.

    I'm planing on changing the number of cleaners to 4, and lowering lru's to 30 and 20.

    Any other sugestions?

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    well, "a few" FG writes is not bothersome, what's important is how this number relates to your LRU and Chunk writes. I suspect that with only one cleaner (Gag!) and your ratios set that high that you have a very high rate of chunk writes - which is what you really want to reduce. You have 60K dirty pages before you start to clean!

    As a starting point, for cleaners, two per device. Drop your LRU max and min to as low as 5/2 or 2/1.
    Fred Prose

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