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    Unanswered: I canīt drop a dbspace

    A few months ago Iīve created a dbspace to store a database. Now this database is not in use anymore, so Iīve dropped it and Iīm trying to drop the dbspace, but I canīt because there is a TBLSpace tablespace in it. The dbspace use to have 6 chunks and just one of them was empty, so Iīve already dropped it, but the other five are not empty. It seems that the TBLSpace tablespace is fragmented between this 5 chunks. Can I drop this TBLSpace tablespace? How can I do it?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Maybe you can't drop an individual chunk, but you should be able to drop the entire dbspace if it's empty of user data. Or else, which error is reporting when you try?

    The tablespaces are for internal organization of data and you can't touch them... and you should not need to.



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