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    Unanswered: A situation that my IT people cannot solve...

    Access 2000
    Oracle 8i

    I have an Access database that is looking at an Oracle 8i database. Through Access, I have linked to my Oracle tables in which to build queries on. I have built several queries with no problems. All of a sudden as I was building another query when I got a message from MS stating that my query is too complex. I looked at the amount of tables I drop into my query (10) and thought I had to many. I then found out that that was not the problem. I then thought about the relationships I created and found out that was not the problem. The problem that I have is that if I dropped in one table and ran a query on one item in the table I get back the complete table. In other words I have a table, let say called City Streets, and from that I want to extract the street call Meyers and only Meyers. What I get back is Meyers, M.L. King Jr., Wakefield, etc. All info I do not want and did not assign the query to bring in.

    Solutions so far that I have tried:
    -Linked one table from Oracle and drop in that table into a query and selected one item to bring info back on. Then I made the query into a table to make the info static and query against that table to see if I would get the same results and I did. One question many results..

    -I have also re-installed MS Office Suite: that did not work.

    -I have even tried to duplicate the result on another computer. And the result is what I wanted...I just got back what I asked. So I know it got to be something with my computer.

    The only other solution I and my IT staff can come up with is to re-image my computer...but not sure if that will fix the problem.

    Any help out there????????

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    Okay let me get this straight... You have a computer and it is giving you this problem and you have other computers and they arent? (so you know its your computer)

    I dont know that I would be able to help, but the only way I could actually try anything out is if I could either be at your computer or connected to it so I could work on it. I would never ask to be connected without supervision. (that would be a network hazard).

    I know of a small program that is free that allows me to use your computer as you watch and you can override and close out anytime.

    You can use my website in my signature to contact me using my contact page if you wish and from there I can send you my phone number.

    I hope I can be of service.
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