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    Post Unanswered: Creating database

    Hello !!

    I'm really confused with this !!

    I installed oracle 9i on windows, and now I have a database called pruebas
    so when I connect I type: sys/change_on_install@pruebas, now I have to create another database called pruebas2 in the same machine and I did:

    I took a copy of initPruebas.ora and I modified the dbname parameter, the directories of udump, cdump and bdump, the control files directories and the undo_management parameter (from auto to manual).

    Later I throw the sentense: Create database prueba2 ......

    and I get the error: ORA-01991: invalid password file '...PWDPruebas.ora'

    So Oracle is trying to use the prueba's file, where do I have to change it?

    I need to get both databases working in parallel, cause I have many users in pruebas.

    Note: I add a entry in the tnsnames.ora with pruebas2

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    in initPruebas2.ora file
    remote_login_passwordfile = NONE
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    Well i did it, but when I do:

    SQL>startup pfile=...\initPruebas2.ora

    after database is mounted I get:
    ORA-01092 Oracle Instance Terminated. Disconnection Forced

    Do I have to create another instance to get both databases running in paralell ??
    What do I have to do ?

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    creating database

    In oracle 9i when you wnt to create a new database you have to create oracle password file where you can store the password for sys,this is done my means of oraPWD utility
    if you create the database manually.
    it is a command-line command :-
    oraPWD file="file-name" entries="Number"(optional) password="string'"
    this password will be used for user sys,this will create a password file for your new database.

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