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    Unanswered: a form design & print question

    Hi Everyone,

    I am creating an access form, that is basically a letter format. The contents of the letter is written in a labels. In the body of the letter, I have added few text boxes to enter information by the user.

    When I view the form in the form-view, everything looks fine. All the alignments and the formatting are perfect. But when I print the form or preview it, the textboxes are shifting, all the alignments are gone, it is appearing in between other lines. I am struggling to fix this, I am not sure why it is happening. Any one has any clue,pleaaase help,

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't know how to fix your problem but I wanted tell you that, when printing involves reports are the best way to do it.

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    Open the form in Design View... Right click goto Properties.

    At the top use the pull down menu and click on form.
    Click the Format tab.
    Scroll Down to Print Layout>Yes/No Set that to Yes.

    Save your form try it then and let me know the results.

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    I tried setting the print layout property to Yes, it is still doing the same thing.

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