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    Question Unanswered: Could Not update - Currently locked

    Has anyone else had experience with this error and how to deal with it? : "Could Not Update; currently locked by another session on this machine"
    I fear that this might have to do with the size of the table that I am working with (over 70k records). Basically, I have a movement tracking table and an order table. I have it so that the user enters, on a form set to continuous forms, a date and the next vendor that the piece will be going to, pushes the process button, then I bump each of the tracking entries below it down two line numbers, add two line numbers that are out of current vendor and into next vendor. Some times the users get this error and sometimes they don't. If they do, and they close the form then reopen it and hit process again, it usually works right. I am using ADODB to accomplish all of this, starting with a cmd object to update the line numbers by two and then just opening the tracking table and adding the two lines. All the processing is on the same table, but the SQL thsat I use to limit the recordsets worked on should be 20 records max, NOT the entire table. The db is also replicated, with the users working on one replica using terminal services, with 15 users about max at any one time. Thank you for your time and any help.

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    Perhaps one of your ADODB connections is still open (wasn't closed) from code somewhere. Check your code.

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