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Thread: Deploying VB6

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    Unanswered: Deploying VB6

    Having trouble distributing a VB project.
    I chose to use the data report utility rather than crystal reports to
    thinking I'd have no hassles with dll registration etc, but so far my dreams have not been fulfilled.

    Initially, when trying to create an exe via the Package & Deployment wizard I got a message that msado25.tlb was not registered.
    Found error (thanks to Dogman) in the setup.lst file. Changed the line:
    File*=@msado25.tlb,$(WinSysPath),$(DLLSelfRegister ),...
    File*=@msado25.tlb,$(WinSysPath),$(TLBRegister),.. .
    That fixed that.

    When application runs on another machine, it crashes with the error:
    number: 713, description: Application defined or object defined error.
    This happens when the program references the data report.

    I'm using vb6, sp6, accessing sqlserver via ADO, & the Data Report Utility
    with the following references:
    Visual Basic For Applications
    Visual Basic runtime objects and procedures
    Visual Basic objects and procedures
    OLE Automation
    Microsoft Data ActiveX Data Objects 2.5 Library
    Microsoft Data Data Environment Instance 1.0 (SP4)
    Microsoft Data Formatting Object Library 6.0 (SP6)
    Microsoft Data Report Designer 6.0 (SP4)
    Microsoft Data Binding Collection VB 6.0 (SP4)

    Any hints as to where to go with this ??

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    Found solution

    I finally found the solution.

    Msdbrptr.dll was not registered, & it needed to be added during the execution of the Package & Deployment wizard.

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