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    Question Unanswered: Fiscal Year query?

    I need to do something so that I can look at a seminar date and determine which fiscal period it is in. For example if the fiscal period is like July 1, 1997 through June 30, 1998 then the seminar record should be grouped as FY1998... etc...

    All my data is already in a table called Seminar so I thought that it would be easy to add another field called FiscalYear and then calculate my value from that. But how could I do that? I guess with a query. But how can I write a query that does that? A query solution would be ideal because I would use the query in many places. The starting and ending month and day of the fiscal year are given in a table. The query should look at the year of the seminar date and the fiscal year start and end dates to determine the fiscal period.
    Thanks - Lenni

    I am sorry this is very vague but all help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    select year(dateadd("m",6,seminardate)) as fiscalyear | @rudydotca
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    Thank you very much! that worked great

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