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    Unanswered: IBM Content Manager Server Problem


    I'm on the process of installing Content Manager on one of the W2k Server with SP 4. The installation includes

    1. DB2 v8.1 with Fix Pack2
    2. WebSphere Application Server 5.02
    3. Content Manager v8.2

    The installation is successful and I am on the process of starting Content Manger first steps


    Create Sample Data Successful.

    From system Administration Client, I click the RMDB icon, I am having the following error.

    DGL5410A: Resource Manager is not responding. Make sure the Resource Manager is up and running. [HTTP RC = 500]

    Please advise me that how to solve this problem

    Thanks in Advance.

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    It looks like your Resource manager is not started.

    Start it using this command.
    C:\WebSphere\AppServer\bin\startServer icmrm

    Does your resource manager application accessible?
    Try the url : http://hostname/icmrm/snoop

    If you don't see the snoop page you have to configure your Websphere and your HTTP server.


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    Dear Kuckoo

    Can U please advise me that how to configure my Websphere anf IBM HTTP Server. I tried to configure in websphere and I managed to

    1. the ICMRM server is started
    2. The Application ICMRM is started

    The procedure

    APPLICATION Server ==> ICMRM ==> Web Container = Default_host
    HTTP Transports are 9091, 9085, 9444, 9044

    Application Server ==> Server1 ==> Web Container = icmrm
    HTTP Transports are 9080. 9090, 9443, 9043

    Enterprise Application ==> icmrm ==> Selecting Virtual host for web modules

    Web Module - Resource Manager
    Virtual Host - icmrm

    Environment ==>Virtual Host ==> icmrm ==> Host Aliases

    Host Name - Port

    AZSWPS3 - 80
    AZSWPS3 - 443
    icmrm - 80
    icmrm - 443

    Note: AZSWPS3 is my host name and I didn't put the server in the network yet.

    Environment ==> Virtual Host ==> default_host ==> Host Aliases

    Hostname - Port

    * - 80
    * - 9080
    * - 9443
    * - 9081
    * - 9444
    * - 443

    These are the confugurations at WEBSPHERE

    Please advise me that where did I went wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If your Webserver and application started , can you access snoop ?

    Try the url : http://hostname/icmrm/snoop

    if you see snoop page then your Websphere settings are ok.

    One more thing,
    On system Administration Client, Can you access properties of Resource manager Tab? If yes then Try this...
    change Resource manager HOSTNAME with IP address and test.

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