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    Unanswered: mysql password problem

    hello friends,

    iam using mysql 3-23 version

    and conncetion to mysql as mysql -p

    and it asks for the password

    when i press enter

    then it connects to the database

    so it s not taking any password

    now i want to give password

    i tried to directly insert into the user table of mysql database

    so i tried to insert statement as follows

    "inster into user (Password) values('admin') where User='root';

    but its giveing error

    so how to proceed from here

    with mysqladmin utility can we set the password to some word from empty space

    with regards
    rama kanth

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    mySQL Password

    "inster into user (Password) values('admin') where User='root';

    Two things:

    "inster" should be "insert"


    It should'nt be an insert statement but an update:

    "UPDATE user SET Password = 'admin' WHERE user = 'root'"

    or something similar to that.

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