Hi people.

Right, this is probs really easy for you guys but I never learnt Access properly when at school (no vb etc) so sorry!

I have a form and have created a date to go on top with a combo list (well actually three - month/day/year). Problem is, that it is set to today's date and when I change it, and go to the next record, the date is reset back to today's date. Please help me so that it stays on the date selected.

I also need people to say whether they are in/out/on site. Have create toggle buttons for this but they need to be individual for every record so that each engineer can click whether they are in/out/on site. At the moment, I am clicking In site for the first record and this is automatically selecting In for all the other records. ARRGGHH! I don't get paid enough for this!

Hope this is clear! Any help is much appreciated.