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    i'm trying to send email using sql server, but every time i try to run xp_sendmail i get this message:

    xp_sendmail: failed with mail error 0x80040111

    can anyone tell me what this error means???

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    Check MSDN.


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    Im not sure the exact error code but here are some check points when settings up SQL Mail.

    1. Make sure that the user SQL Server is running under has access to the mailbox you are trying to send mail via (you may need to set the logon as under control panel/admin tools/services).

    2. Make sure you have setup your MAPI client (outlook) on the SQL Server and configured the correct account in Control Panel/Mail.

    3. If your sure you have set the above up correctly re-start SQL server as you may need to apply the security permissions.

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    thank you.

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