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    Unanswered: MySQL Documentation

    I downloaded mysql 4.0 because it said it was the recommended production version, and I needed it for my company.

    I have worked with it before, so I am fimiliar with some of it's functions and work arounds. When I discovered from the manual that it featured sub queries and PL/SQL code, I was over-joyed as it could help with getting it to work with Oracle. Only to discover later that it was only implemented in version 4.1+... no it did not say in the documentation explicitly and I had to scrummage through online searches to find out why my query wasn't working.

    So I thought maybe only that feature was accidentally added into the manual of an older version.... but no there is more, many of the features I had hoped to utilise was in fact implemented in 4.1

    So why did they put 4.1 functions into a 4.0 manual? I have no clue, but to add such radical changes in a relatively small version difference is a mystery.

    Can someone smack the doc writers in the head a few times for me pls?
    (ps. if you want to tell me to use 4.1 I'll say no because I cannot risk instability in the database until it is 'proven')

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    Smack them once or twice for me too. I've got a nice stout piece of hickory you can borrow if it will help!


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