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    Unanswered: Table Append Problem

    I have an append query that updates a table called status. I have another query that pulls the last data entered and I display that in the list box.

    My list query is setup to go to the last record of the table but sometimes the table gets messed up and starts appending to the top of the table ( the first record).

    When this happends I need recopy the data to a new table, how can I setup the table to always update at the bottom or at least fix this problem?


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    There is no such things as "the last record", only the last record of your view on the table. What I mean is the last record depends on how the table rows are retrieved and what sorting and filtering has taken place. What you need is a way to identify the last added record using a field.

    For instance, in the append query you can have a field which records the date/time that the record was added. Now you can add an ORDER BY clause to ensure that the record added most recently will always be the last in the table.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thank you!

    My table does have a date field which uses the now() for the default value. You are correct in diagnosing the problem after I was changing the order the problem appeared again.

    One question does this filter you are refering to exsist in a query? I am not familuar with the order by clause control you mentioned.

    Again thanks for the help.

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