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    Unanswered: Report Numbering

    I have built a Report that list several names in Alphabetical order. Since the names were not entered that way (that is in alphabetical order) I cannot use the auto number from the key field to number each record on the report sequentially. I want each record to have a number beside it for example if I had a table with John, Steven and Rob in it I want the report to show
    1. John
    2. Rob
    3. Steven

    Having the names appear in alphabetical order is already done. Adding the correct number in front of each record on the report is where I am having the trouble. I am sure this is easy but I could use your help. Thanks

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    Try this......

    - Go into your report (in Design view).
    - Add a small TextBox to the left of your name field in the report.
    - Delete the label for this added TextBox and set the BorderStyle to Transparent if you like.
    - Under the Data tab in the properties window for this new TextBox, make sure the RunningSum property is set to Over Group.
    - In the Control Source property for this added TextBox, make sure you type in =1

    Thats it....

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