I have a replication server (SQL_SMAS_RS2) with all processes up, but the RSI thread is "Awaiting Wakeup":

14 RSI Awaiting Wakeup NETRA_RS2

NETRA_RS2 is a replicated server with all processes up:

1> admin who
2> go
Spid Name State Info
---- ---------- -------------------- ----------------------------------------
16 DSI EXEC Awaiting Command 102(1) NETRA.NETRA_RS2_RSSD
11 DSI Awaiting Command 102 NETRA.NETRA_RS2_RSSD
9 SQM Awaiting Message 102:0 NETRA.NETRA_RS2_RSSD
17 DSI EXEC Awaiting Command 104(1) NETRA.webcvpndb
12 DSI Awaiting Command 104 NETRA.webcvpndb
10 SQM Awaiting Message 104:0 NETRA.webcvpndb
19 RSI USER Awaiting Command SQL_SMAS_RS2
13 dSUB Active
6 dCM Awaiting Message
8 dAIO Awaiting Message
14 dREC Active dREC
15 dSTATS Active
18 USER Awaiting Command sa
20 USER Active sa
5 dALARM Awaiting Wakeup

But it is not possible to replicate any data from SQL_SMAS_RS2 to NETRA_RS2. I suppose due to RSI thread in awating wakeup.

How can I activate RSI thread?

Thanks in advance,