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    Unanswered: How to solve: y=1/x, x>0

    The major obstacle here is how to make MS Excel 2002 automatically input x-values in ONE cell, read off the result from the cell containing the formula. Then I want Excel to export both the input x-values and calculated y-values to another place in the spreadsheet, another sheet, or directly into a graph (thus making a lovely hyperbola.)

    I have googled my way around the Internet several times and there are plenty of pages explaining how to make a x-column and a y-column, and you end up copying and pasting thousands of x-values and thousands of the equation down to row #thousands. Although, it would be ok if Excel needed to export the RESULTS to thousands of cells. Because then I could just highlight the whole columns with the chart wizard.

    I need Excel to do this, because I am doing financial budgeting with hyperbolic-like equations. Are there add-ins, functions, VB-scripts, or similar that do this?

    I would appreciate any help on the matter!

    balle klorin

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    Here's a partial answer to your graphing needs:

    If you make a graph with 3 of your Y Values (in your example (1,.5,.333)) and add a 'Power' trendline, you can specify how far out you want the trendline to continue.

    I don't think it's functionally possible for excel to store multiple values in a single cell for general use.
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