Hi Experts,

I have a serious problem. when I use ' Put routine command' I am getting follwoing error.

SQL0443N Routine "*TINE_SAR" (specific name "") has returned an error
SQLSTATE with diagnostic text "-970,55009,

Actually I have dropped the database which has stored procedure without dropping the procedures first. Before dropping this database I could able to create procedures sucessfully. Then I created the database in the dropped database name. i coundn't create it. I was getting "SQL2048N An error occurred while accessing object "SQL PROCEDURE FILES". Reason code: "7"." this error.

Then I deleted one direcotory from /routine/sqlproc/<DBNAME> . It had the dir in the database name which I am trying to create. After that I could able to create the database with the same name. After that I am not able to use the 'put routine' command in any of the databases.

Please help....