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    Question Unanswered: How to prevent users from logging to DB during its "maintenance"

    I am really a DB admin beginner, so hopefully it'll be easy for you to answer my simple question:

    How can I temporarily prevent users (except "sa") from logging to database(s) or better to DB Server while there are applied scripts on them ?

    I have already tried TCP/IP port changing, hiding server, running a single user mode but the reult was very poor. Please note that "sa" has to be able to connect to DB Server from a third party application but other users not.

    Any idea and/or a known solution ?
    Thanx in advance for your hints

    BTW - MS SQL 2000 SP3a

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    you could restrict the access to the database for a single user (sa) or members of db_owner (in em, right click the database, options) or temporarily drop the access rights of the users.

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