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Thread: Date Problem

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    Unanswered: Date Problem


    I have a DB, which when I enter a date into the DateTo field, a box is populated with a Cut Off Date (this cut off date is held in a table against each week). For example, the table would be :

    WeekEnding - CutOff
    25/06/04 - 10/05/04
    02/07/04 - 08/06/04
    and so on....

    Therefore, I have used a Case Statement and a lookup (as per the code below)

    Private Sub TxtDateTo_LostFocus()
    Select Case Format(TxtDateTo, "ddd")
    Case "Mon"
    TxtCutOffLookup = DateAdd("d", 6, TxtDateTo)
    Case "Tue"
    TxtCutOffLookup = DateAdd("d", 5, TxtDateTo)
    Case "Wed"
    TxtCutOffLookup = DateAdd("d", 4, TxtDateTo)
    Case "Thu"
    TxtCutOffLookup = DateAdd("d", 3, TxtDateTo)
    Case "Fri"
    TxtCutOffLookup = DateAdd("d", 2, TxtDateTo)
    Case "Sat"
    TxtCutOffLookup = DateAdd("d", 1, TxtDateTo)
    Case "Sun"
    TxtCutOffLookup = TxtDateTo
    End Select
    'On Error Resume Next
    Dim DateOne
    DateOne = DLookup("[CutOffDate]", "TblCutOffDate", "[WeekEnding] = #" & TxtCutOffLookup & "#")
    LblCutOff2.Caption = Format(DateOne, "dd mmmm yyyy")
    End Sub

    However, when I enter a date of say 11/07/04, the cut off date is appearing as sometime in October (Basically because I assume it's treating it as a US Date Format.

    All of my settings are in UK, so why is this happening, and how can I get round it ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    sometimes A can convince you that it can handle nonUS date format - but it's lying!

    safest is to convert to US date format "internally" even tho you talk to your users in "normal" date format.

    this might help

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Try medium date

    I tend to always use medium date as the format for my tables
    ie. 12-feb-04

    This tends to fix any date issues for me.

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