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    Unanswered: Too many SQL Connections

    We have a case where a user is using Excel sheet to connect the database on SQL2K and generally his connection runs in the upper 150 in numbers. He generally gets more than 150 connections open.

    I know that it's not a good thing, but is there a way to limit it or even kill it after it reaches max?

    What are the disadvantages of opening too many connections?

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    usually each connection takes some handshaking when connecting and eats up a bit of memory. The same goes for the server. It's not uncommon to have different programs each having it's own connection, but to me, it's odd to have one program with so many connections (from one sheet?). I'd expect, with so many connections being used, It'll slow down the program but can't say for sure.
    Other that that, I'm not aware of a way to put a limit on a certain user's connection-count in sql-server or windows for that matter.

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