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    Post Unanswered: Connecting SQL Server to Web Server

    I have one machine running MS server 2003 with IIS 6.0, this is my web server. I am trying to connect it to my SQL server that is running server 2003 with SQL server 2000 on it. I have a weird problem. I can connect to the database for some pages and the page will work, but not for others. For instance, the main page accesses the database for a calander and that works fine. But then I try to get data from the db on a directory page that lists all the employees by position depending on what link you click, and that doesn't work. I get a HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error, and that's all it says. It also won't work on a couple other pages that access the db. At first I thought it was because the page was accessing a view not a table to get the directory information, but there are other pages that also don't work and they access regular tables not views. The pages that work and the ones that don't also use the same connection string to connect. Any ideas what my problem could be? Thanks.
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