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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Selecting multiple rows USING 'EXECUTE IMMEDIATE'

    I need to use 'copy' command in 'Execute Immediate' but, it fails, as 'Execute Immediate' doesn't support 'selecting multiple rows of data'.

    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE copy from NetService1 to NetService2 append to SCHEMA1.NEW_TABLE using select * from SCHEMA2.NEW_TABLE;

    This is the query that is failing.

    Could you please suggest an alternate way of doing this, if possible, using Execute Immediate ?


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    Have you looked at the format for this copy command?

    Compared to the docs your syntax looks wrong at a few levels.

    My book says:
    PHP Code:
    COPY from user/password@sid to user/password@sid
      APPEND to table schema1
        USING select 
    from schema2.tablename

    an alternative would be a dblink and then an insert/select-from
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    I had meant the same syntax which you've mentioned. I just did use 'NetService' in the place of 'user/password@sid'. Anyway, Thanks for the response.

    I am looking for a possibility of using 'Execute Immediate' but eliminating this problem of not being able to do a 'multiple-rows select'. Please let me know if u can help.


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    You can't get there from here.
    By definition the use of EXECUTE IMMEDIATE means that you are inside of
    a PL/SQL block.
    COPY is a SQL*PLUS command and is NOT a valid SQL statement
    which is what EXECUTE IMMEDIATE requires.
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    Thanks for that info.
    I shall now try not using 'Execute Immediate' in this scenario.


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