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    Unanswered: Make table query that adds a Primary Key

    Hi everyone. I have a make table query that gets its info from other tables that are updated daily. I want to have a button on the switchboard that update my table with the new info. The only problem is I can seem to figure out how to make it add a primary key to a field that exsists already. Some one had this same post a while ago but I couldn't find it with a search.

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    I don't know how to do that. but instead make table query, you can do that in 2 steps; you can delete records in the table then insert new records. so primary key numbers will be created by the insert query. not an elegant method but can be the last resort.

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    1) Create Table

    Select * Into newTable from OldTable [where 1 = 0]

    2) Add Primary Key

    Alter table tableA
    add primary key (id)

    3) Insert from old table(s)

    select * Into new table
    from oldTable ot
    where NOT EXISTS
    (Select null
    from newTable nt
    where nt.key = ot.key)
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