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    Unanswered: Form Design Opinions

    I really hate my form design skills, can somebody give me some feed back on the attatched form design?
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    Looks Good.....

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    First of all, let me say that I am not a graphic artist. I have also been accused of being the worlds worst color-blind wannabee. With that said, I have heard the following comments many times and try to take them to heart when designing my forms.

    1. Try to stick with the "system color schemes". When you change them, you eat up a lot (LOT with a capital LOT) of memory.

    2. White lettering can be very hard for some people to see without getting eye strain and headachs.

    3. The shadow box around the heading is a little much and seems out of place.

    4. The color background of the labels above the grid is unnecessary. Make it something simple.

    5. I would think about putting a "box" around the Letter Subject white area. In addition, you might want to change the border on the textboxes

    Just some of my thoughts. I hope I haven't offended anyone.

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    I agree with much of what Kicker said.

    Much of this is personal preference. Personally, I prefer labels to be aligned to the left. I also prefer to mkae my own labels rather than the ones Access makes. The reason for that, at least in Access 95, is that the built in labels don't off the "Events" of the labels you make yourself and I have a lot of macros that run from clicking on labels.

    Four things that I have found both for myself and people using my data base are:

    1) If the form has a lot of fields and labels and the form is looked at a lot then it is best to have the labels and fields laid out in a very symetrical way. In other words the labels and fields are put in colums.

    2) If the form is not looked at a real lot and does not have a large number of labels and fields then the staggered layout seen in Northwind Customer's form looks good.

    3) If the form has a lot of fields and labels and needs lots of OnClick controls then labels are nicer that buttons all over the place. Any label I have that has a macro attached I have its forecolour in blue. All my labels that are just labels I have in blcak writing.

    4) If the form has lots of labels and fields then I find the "Clouds" background that comes with Access is the best to use and MS Sans Serif Font 8 is the best font to use.


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    I agree with both Mike and Kicker. I have the luxury of working with 2 outstanding graphic my forms have improved greatly as a result.

    In addition to what's already been said. The best advice I've gotten from the designers is to make sure every element is 'placed on purpose' and has a purpose. Keeping everything linear and symmetrical is the best way of doing this. I think a little extra work to align labels, controls, buttons, etc goes a long way.

    Any artwork added should be used to draw attention to key info on the form. (i.e. shadows usually take away from what is important).

    Lastly, high contrast colors work well, especially with lots of text on a form.

    I realize these points are somewhat redundant, but I thought I'd pass along some professional advice I received (and desperately needed).


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    and for two cents more:

    i have a personal hate (hate, hate, hate, hate!) for A's record selectors.
    in your example form you have a list which serves perfectly well to select the record of interest.

    kill those record selectors.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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