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    Help with database system architecture


    If there are any wizzes out there that can point me in the right direction over this question i am stuck in a rut with it.

    I am aware of several different architectures client surver (single), client surver (multiple), stand alone pc, and web based, but i cant think how each of them are relived to the below question.

    As i say any pointers or links to relivent tutorials would be very much appricaiated, thanks for reading and the question i have typed below;

    For each of the following examples, choose an appropriate database system architecture to satisfy the main system requirements. Name the system components of your choice and explain the reason for your choice concentrating on SQL API issues. You MAY indicate one second alternative solution, but you need to indicate your preferred choice.

    (a) Software House developing a standard application for a 'Job progress monitoring and job accounting system". The system has to be able to handle up to 50000 new jobs a day. Some functional customisation for each individual client is expected.

    (b) A Market Research company requires a generic questionnaire analysis application. It is envisaged that for each type of questionnaire a database with questionnaire results will be created and the query tool will provide end users with a logical view of tables from which they can select required tables and columns and combine them to run analytical queries.

    (c) Reporting System for a Chief Executive reading data from a variety of data sources, i.e. different databases as well as non-database sources.

    (d) Car Management and Car Booking System for a major international car hire company with franchised outlets at all European airports and most European cities. Customers are able to book cars for any location in the franchise either in person at any franchise, by phone via a central call centre or directly via the internet.
    It is company policy to always accept customer bookings made at least one week prior to the required date and ensure availability from the international pool of cars. This requires intensive "Car Management". Bookings within 7 days will only be accepted it the local franchise has the car available.

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    what course materials were you supposed to read for this semester?

    i would answer your questions as follows

    (a) foxpro on a dedicated linux machine
    (b) microsoft access on a virtual private network
    (c) oracle enterprise on the ceo's laptop
    (d) this will only work with dot-net technology

    in case it's not obvious, and to save you trying to find background information to support these answers, i suppose i should admit that i was totally kidding | @rudydotca
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    yeah thanks..

    anyway wasnt looking for a quick answer for the topic just some general guidlines to help me understand it as stuck going round in circles. there was no recomended texts just some un-helpful powerpoint slides.

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    Can you give us your best guess, and some explanation of why you think it is correct? Maybe we can be more help then.


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