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    Unanswered: Help me to check my program

    Hi guys!
    I have created some program. It is an attempt to manage by ETL processes for Oracle(TM) Data WareHouse via friendly GU Interface of Developer 2000 forms.(version 6i)
    The program has an embedded SQL*Loader wizard and full management of data flow and data base, such as choosing a columns, creating a new columns, filtering a rows, ability to execute a Pre and Post SQL scripts,execute a stored and and anonymous procedures and etc.

    I need your consultation and testing the program.
    I’ll be glad to receive your estimation of this program.

    My program is presented in my personal internet site :

    Thank you in advance.
    With the best regards,
    Arik Brock.
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    Sorry, I forgot to write, mail me, please,
    your examples of program's errors to

    Any help will be kindly appreciated.

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