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    Unanswered: radio button

    hi everybody...
    i have problem with radio button
    in my page i have 2 radio button where one will be label as Aduan staff and enother one will be label as Aduan student. below the radio button there will be a textfield. if they click on the Aduan staff button, automatically the textfield will be written with Aduan staff but if they click on Aduan student the textfield will be empty. i have try some coding but it cannot work.can somebody tell me how to do this..pleaseee

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    radio button

    Hai fisya, try the following

    <META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">
    <script language="JavaScript">
    function addtext()
    if (
    document.test.Tname.value ="Aduan Staff";
    else if (
    document.test.Tname.value ="";



    <form name="test">
    <input type=radio name="name" value="Aduan Staff" onclick="addtext()">Aduan Staff
    <input type=radio name="name" value="Aduan Student" onclick="addtext()">Aduan Student<p>
    <input type=text name="Tname">


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