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    Unanswered: migrating 5.5 files to FM7 tables

    Is there a way to do this quickly, as opposed to recreating all the fields, value lists and relationships? I was under the impression one could do this (call related files tables during conversion to 7) but it looks like I just made that one up. IOW, wishful thinking.
    Any suggestions?

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    Hello pappi97,
    There is no native way to automate the merging of multiple tables from separate files into a single file. However there are some third-party tools that provide this functionality. The best known of these is perhaps FMRobot from NMCI:

    There are also options which you might wish to explore, for the use of OS level or third-party scripting tools (depending on the platform) to do much of the work, but there will of course be some set up required.
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    Just FYI for our other readers, though... I believe FM7 still supports multi-file relational databases, though, so a migration to FM7 tables is more likely a preference than a necessity (but there definitely are benefits, too).

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    I aggree with all the advise I see; however, it's worth mentioning that FM Robot utlizes DDRs, so you have to have the Developer version of FileMaker in both 6 and 7.

    I read some posts from another user which purchased Anaylster just to learn he still couldn't use it.

    If your looking for a 'one shot' deal I would be happy to push your files through FM Robot.

    The conversion part is easy, it's the clean up process that can screw with your head...



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    Amazing. No one has actually answered your question.
    Yes. Drag and drop ALL YOUR FILES AT ONCE on the FMP icon and you will be prompted to save them in a new location and keep the links intact.
    However, I recommend updating your file references FIRST as you then won't have extraneous info in the new files as even the outdated references are included and some scripts may become 'file reference' confused.


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    This method will only convert several files into separate FM7 files - it won't import them into a single FM7 database, which I believe is the question.

    I'm really curious about this too - I don't want to have to re-create all the tables from scratch. I've converted everything to FM7 - there should be a way to import or somehow merge the tables into a single database? It seems like an obvious requirement for those of us wanting to upgrade - and it's so easy with Access. I had hoped the recent upgrade would solve this problem.

    I've seen some advice which says you can import a table into your new FM7 database as long as the layouts correspond to each other (i.e., the fields don't need to be defined in the new database, you just have to have the layout ready). I can't get this to work - does anyone have experience with this technique?


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