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    Question Unanswered: Lotsa little problems - Input Mask's and a Counter


    I have only a few things that are preventing me from completing my database. Hopefully someone can help me out.

    1) I would like an input mask for a name field. I'm sure this is a common question, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so.....
    Is it possible to set up an input mask which capitalises the first letter of the name, yet still allows for other capitals (and hyphens, spaces, etc) to be entered later (ie McSomething or Iva-Highfen)
    I've tried using a "C" in the input mask, which works for everything except the capital - if I capitalise only the first letter with ">"then the rest have to be lowercase. (ie. >C<CCCCCC) - also, this allows for numbers.

    2) I would like to put sequential numbers down the side of a report (advances one number for each entry) Is there an easy way to do this?

    3) This is a more complicated one (*praying that the others are easy* ). This database will eventually hold several thousand student names, many of which are similar or the same. I would like some way of determining if the details of a new student match those of a past one.

    ie. Enter a student's name and phone number, and a box pops up "these details match those of another student, their details are...." if it is the same person, the user can then move on and enter the next student. If not, then they can cancel and continue entering the student

    An alternative option would be a query that searches for duplicate first & last names and present a list for editing, but I'm not sure how to do this either, and it seems more messy for the user.

    Any help would me more than welcome,


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    Hi frekster,

    Not totally sure about your first situation. The second one is easy. On your report in the DetailSection place a TextBox and in the Properties box where it says..ControlSource place -1 in it and then in the RunningSum line below that make your choice...OverAll to cound ALL the records in the report, or OverGroup if you have the records grouped and want to count Each Group.

    Your third situation, in your table for the StudentName field in the FieldProperties below go to the Indexed line and select Yes/NoDuplicates. When a Duplicate entry is made you get the normal error message alerting you to this.

    Hope this helps you out


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