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    Hi Group,
    I've inherited a reporting application which uses Excel for report purposes. Excel is installed on the Web Server and is causing performance issues when the user runs the report from the ASP Pages.

    Other than OWC is there another way I can produce reports in formats which will be readable by the end user.

    It was suggested that this:
    set ExcelApp = CreateObject("Excel.application")
    is a bad way to instantiate an object. Is there a preferred way? Can I use another tool/something else for my reporting purposes?

    Kind Regards

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    Depends on what kind of reporting you need. You could write your ASP to generate CSV files, or you could get much more complex with Crystal Reports.
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    Perhaps have a look at this:

    Creating a Dynamic Report using ASP and Excel by Jeff Anderson - 1/9/2003
    Response.ContentType = "application/"
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