I have a sheet with about 400 named ranges.

I would like to do a sum at the bottom of each column but not have the named range showing in the formula, only cell addresses. how can i do this?


I have a vba module to set the visibility of certian named ranges to false:

Sub VisRangeNames()

Dim vis As Integer
Dim nam As Name

For Each nam In ActiveSheet.Names
If Right(nam.Name, 1) = "B" Or Right(nam.Name, 1) = "Q" Then
nam.Visible = False
vis = MsgBox(nam.Name, vbYesNo, "This Name is :" & nam.Visible)
If vis = 6 Then
nam.Visible = False
End If
End If
End Sub

How can i make those ranges visible again? using code? as once they are set invisible they dont show up in the collection Activesheet.names!