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    Unanswered: SQL server and Exchange Calendar items

    We are looking to take rows from an existing SQL server table and use them to create calendar entries in Exchange server.

    Is there a way SQL server can be set up so that this can be done as a trigger when new rows are entered into the table?

    Tim Smith

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    depends on how you see sql-server creating the actual calendar entries, not per se via a trigger.

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    I know that I can use MS Access (with a linked table to the SQL server) and VBScript to generate the Exchange Calendar item, I was cuirious as to whether there is any way a trigger within the SQL server databse can create an Outook Calendar item and populate it.


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    Don't know if this is the proper way to do it but...

    Try looking up sp_AddExtendedProc in BOL.
    Basically it lets you define call a function from within a dll....

    This way you can create a small dll with all the necessary functions to do what you need in exchange...and then create INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE triggers
    to synchronize the data with exchange (using the dll functions). Also, you can use the values returned by the dll function like a normal stored proc:

    DECLARE @RetVal INT;

    SET @RetVal = MyCustomProc @Param1, @Param2, @Param3....

    this way you can get error codes/status information on if the function succeeded, failed...etc..

    this is a one way street ... since the data is updated when something happens in SQL server and not the other way around...

    again...look it all up in BOL,...I may be wrong

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