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    Cool Unanswered: Displaying information from multiple queries on a form

    I have a form that has a grid of text boxes on it. These text boxes are used to display counts that come from queries. These queries count the number of a particular type of entry for a particular date. The viewer can open this form and see a display of numbers that shows them how students are performing on different days.

    The form is unbounded. I just can't get the data from the queries to display in the text boxes on the form. Can anyone help?

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    this (DAO code!!!) works a treat:

    dim dabs as dao.database
    dim recs as dao.recordset
    dim rfld as dao.field
    set dabs = currentdb
    set recs = dabs.openrecordset("yourQueryNameGoesHere")
    For Each rfld In recs.Fields
    Me(rfld.Name) = rfld
    Next textbox name needs to be the same as the field name

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    The DLookup worked for me too

    Private Sub Form_Current()

    Me.txtBx_name = DLookup("NewStudent2004", "qryNewStudent")

    End Sub

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