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    Unanswered: ALTER table queries

    In Oracle, alter statements with modify clause can be given for more than one query ? Is it possible in SQL Server ?

    Eg :-

    ALTER TABLE test1
    MODIFY col1 VARCHAR2(1024)
    MODIFY col2 VARCHAR2(256)
    MODIFY col3 VARCHAR2(256)

    Please give the equivalent for the above in SQL Server . Can all this exists in a single query in SQL Server ?

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    MS-SQL supports the SQL-92 standard. Under the standard, you can add multiple columns in a single operation, but you can only change one existing column at a time.

    It is possible to configure SQL 2000 to allow changes to multiple columns at once, but it is NOT supported at all. I would strongly advise that you break your changes down so that they meet the SQL-92 standard instead of trying to work around the standard.


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    Thanks for your prompt reply.


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