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    Question Unanswered: Number of lines in combo box

    I am working in Access 97 and have problem with combobox.

    The combo box record source is a query, retrieving few thousands records.

    For some reason, the combobox does not show all record as in the query. Some times it just limits a number of line in the list row property. It means I click the combo box, and it show only 10 rows, which is the value I put in List row property.

    I try to unload - load the form, but problem still occurs.

    It is very strange, that when I scroll through the combobox, the number of records showed is limited for few pages. Keying the letter of last records some times works, and sometime does not. If it works, then the quantity of records increases and I can reach to the last record.

    Anybody can have the same problem and share experience ?


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    Hi Trung,

    I have not ever had or heard of such a random problem, however, if you can make a Copy of your database and input dummy data and Post here I would be glad to look at it and see if I can figure out and fix it for you.


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    Please view the attached file with problem

    In the access file, open the form "subfrmreceivingProducts"
    which i use for showing locations and product in the warehouse
    There is 2 button with letter "F" means Free and "A" mean All.

    Click the A or F button will trigger the combobox with about 8000 records.

    When you click on A button, scroll though the record, and you will find that some times, it does not show all the records !!!, especially when you hold and drag the vertical scroll to the end.
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