I wish to replicate an Access 97 database (tables only) to a small office we have in another part of the city, these tables are approximatly 22MB.

Our setup is

Main office with Database master wish ADSL internet connection and static IP.

Satalite office with relica of DB with a share of an ADSL internet connection and static IP.

I have a VPN connection from the main office connecting to the satalite office.

For replication I can use Replication Manager over my LAN in the main office but wish to do this over the VPN at 3am each week day.

My questions are
1. Any ideas on how to achieve this?

My thoughts
1. Can I replicate over my VPN in the same way as over the LAN?
2. If so, as the VPN needs to be dialed up is there a way that I can programically connect and disconnect to the VPN? (Can use a Connection Manager)
3. What about duplicate records as my DB uses the AutoNumber data type as the Primary Key of several of my tables, how can I get round this problem?

Any help would be greatfully recieved.

Much Thanks
Paul Tiernan