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    Unanswered: Automatic block of yes/no fields


    I have a database with a couple of options:

    field a (lookup field with values 1 and 2)
    field b (lookup field with values x and y)
    field c (yes/no)
    field d (yes/no)

    I have placed code to say "if field a=1 and field b=x then field c enabled=true and field d enabled=false".
    THis works and is no problem. The only problem is that everytime I make a new record it inherets the properties of the last record. So say c was enable and d wasn´t, my new record will autmatically open with c enabled and d not enabled.

    What I want to do now is to make a button and upon pressing it, both c and d are not enabled. So only when I give the right combination of field a and b will field c and d be enabled.

    HOW DO I DO THIS? If I am not being clear, please let me know

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    If you have Fields c & d bound to check boxes or option buttons you can simply set the value of those controls to 'ctrl = 0'. You can also try setting the default values of those fields to 0.

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