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    Unanswered: isql field output length greater than 255


    I am running a stored procedure thru' isql.
    This returns only one field.
    The sp is executed fine but if the data has length greater than 255 the data is truncated.
    How do u capture the full output ?

    Thanks In Advance


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    Wink addeddum

    Also tested in the query analyser the data gets truncated if length is greater than 255.

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    are you doiong something in your code to truncate the data?

    also try isql /?

    the -w parm is used to control columnwidth, generally I use 500 or 1000
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    query output worked in DTS

    The query (which was present in the sp) outputs correctly to a text file using DTS but the output gets truncated when run in Query Analyser. As mentioned before the output gets truncated if length > 255 chars.

    To repeat the problem again, I want to execute the sp thru isql and put the output into a text file.

    Also tried with the -w switch in isql... but no luck.

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