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    Question I have a problem. I erased rundll32

    Hi, I have a problem. I erased rundll32
    and then tried to get it back by downloading it. I then tried to put it back where
    it once was and now... when i try to open in it, it says that k9371937.dll is missing
    i have no idea. What should i do? i have tried to look on internet but i can't find
    anything close to fixing the problem. if u know something about it please contact
    me [], im really concerned about this because when i try to
    see the properties of internet explorer, run my setup, or the properties of the desktop
    it tells me that rundll32 is missing!!

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    My Answer for rundll32.exe

    Reboot system and press F8 from the boot options;

    choose Safe Mode Command Prompt only,

    at the command prompt type cd \win98

    On my PC i'm using all the CAB files for windows 98, there in a directory on c:\win98

    change the command line to reflect where your CAB files are located, on a lot of systems this is c:\windows\options\cabs.

    type the following exactly;

    extract /y /a /e c:\win98\ rundll32.*

    this will extract the rundll32 file to the local directory, then just copy the file to c:\windows\system, using the following command;

    copy rundll32.* c:\windows\system
    Reboot your system...

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