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    Design Software

    Dont know iff this is the appropriate place for this but it seems to be, I am looking for Database design software that will show graphical representation of tables, somewhat like MS access does, except for a MySQL database. Anyone know of any solutions for this, I would be most greatfull

    Thanks in Advance

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    Look at the following:
    ER/Studio (
    ER/Win (
    Oracle Designer (
    PowerDesigner (

    For working with a variety of databases like Oracle and Sybase, I think PowerDesigner is a very good product. It is intended for large corporate customers, but many consultants like it too. Oracle Designer is probably the most expensive, because it only comes in the multi-user edition where all others consider than an upgrade, and Oracle Designer also comes on CD with seven fully licensed tools - again, a product for corporations with money, but people interested in learning Designer can download for free and play with it as long as they want (no expiration) from Oracle hopes you will learn it at home then tell your boss to buy it.
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    Thanks Alot

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    You should also check out Dezign from Datanamic :-

    It is very affordable (about $200) compared to products like ERWin, and has a separate add-on for MySQL, which keeps the overall price down.
    There is a free download evluation version, which never ran out last time I checked.

    You will find it listed, along with many other, on this page on the Database Answers web site :-

    You will also get an idea of what the Data Models look like from the dozens that have been created using Dezign on this page :-

    Hope this helps.

    Junior DBA

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