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    Unanswered: Filter report based on calculated control in report


    I have a problem with a report I am designing that is intended to filter the report to those records satisfying a criteria. The criteria is based on a calculated summary field (%) in the report. Here is how my report looks at present:

    Org Invoice MonthYr Target Purchase Purch%

    A 10055 Jan04 150 135 0.90
    A 10056 Feb04 150 157 1.05
    A 10057 Mar04 150 170 1.13
    B 200060 Feb04 100 75 0.75

    The target per month is fixed and sums up to the yearly number. A summary grouping has the totals and the Purch% (based on the totals). In this example, the summary would be on the Org (ie, one for A, one for B, and so on). Because these are calculated fields on the report, I am not able to apply a criteria on the summary (such as showing all records where the summary Purch% is less than 100%). I cannot also apply the criteria in the query because the fields don't exist (ie, the calculated summaries).

    My objective is to set a criteria - say, Purch% less than 100% - and have a separate set of reports available that meet this criteria.

    All help is greatly appreciated.

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