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    Question Unanswered: Oracle Cluster in AIX with Shared SSA Tower


    We are looking to implement an Oracle Cluster in an AIX 5.2 environment using HACMP with 2 AIX 635's and a 7133 SSA tower. The plan is to have one node active and the other on standby for failover. We have the option to install Oracle 9i or 10g.

    For this configuration, do we need Oracle Cluster Manager and are there any specific setup issues with Oracle in this environment that we need to be aware of? Are there alternative solutions to clustering Oracle in this environment and is any additional software required? Many thanks in advance.

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    My understanding of Oracle Cluster File System is for use on a Real Application Cluster setup. RAC is available for 9i or 10g.

    Unfortunately, you won't find too much cognitive information about OCFS or how to install it. Most people who have implemented a cluster database (RAC) have used a SAN or NAS. Do a search of the net and you should find some suggestions.


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