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    Unanswered: possibility in enterprise manager


    I'm using enterprise manager to remotely connect to a MS SQL Server for one of my client's websites. The problem I'm having is that the connection times out when I try to expand the "Databases" folder. The reason that it's timing out is because the company that hosts the DB has hundreds of other clients who all share the same IP, but each with their own seperate login/password/database, but even though I don't have access to all the rest of the DBs on the server, it still wants to list them all for me. What I'm wondering is is there a way to set EM to ignore all of the databases on the server that cannot be accessed with my credentials? So basically when I expand the Databases folder all that appears is the one that I can access?


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    Seems like I've seen this question on the forum before and the answer was "nope". Sorry.
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